06 Oct 2022, 08:30-18:00
Salons Hoche
9 avenue Hoche - Paris, France

9th European Energy Forum

The theme of this 9th edition is "Energy security: a modern issue"

The WEC European member committees have organised in July a “Trilemma webinar” which covered two dimensions: Sustainability/Net Zero and Equity/Affordability.

The last dimension of the Trilemma would be the subject of the European Energy Forum to be held in Paris in October.

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed the vulnerabilities of the EU’s strategic value chains. The rise in energy prices following the health and economic crisis, amplified by the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine, is combined with the reappearance of major risks to energy supplies; in this context, the publication of the latest IPCC report has gone unnoticed despite its increasingly worrying nature.

Energy security is proving to be a major, highly modern issue, not only in terms of these new risks and therefore new vulnerabilities, but also by revisiting the older approaches to energy security in the light of the new geopolitics of energy. Their identification would allow for a discussion of possible responses, whether to limit vulnerability or to increase the resilience of energy systems, all of which find their place in the more “modern” concepts of strategic autonomy or energy sovereignty.

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