NEWS - 30 October 2023

FLEXIndustries joins FLEX4FACT and TRINEFLEX for a comprehensive Webinar on energy flexibility in the industrial sector

On October 23, FLEXIndustries, FLEX4FACT, and TRINEFLEX  hosted a joint webinar focusing on energy flexibility in the industrial sector

Hanne Sæle of Statnett set the tone by emphasizing the imminent need for an adaptable power system. She highlighted the crucial transition from today’s centralized generation power system to a future one, focusing on better utilization of resources like renewable energy through flexibility. The rising demand for flexibility was underscored, pointing to increasing opportunities for service providers like aggregators in the digital space, offering flexibility to grid operators.

The TRINEFLEX project, presented by Filipa Lima of AIMEN, centered on transforming energy-intensive processes. Verallia, a global glass packaging giant, was spotlighted. The company aims for a significant 46% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, as opposed to 2019 levels. Within TRINEFLEX, Verallia intends to optimize two primary industrial processes leading to energy and CO2 savings.

Bruno Sodiro from RINA, as project coordinator, delved deep into the FLEXIndustries project by highlighting its intentions of bridging the digital and operational technology gap in the energy sector. Ford Otosan, one of the demo sites of the project based in Turkey, presented the project’s impact on their industrial processes: the company has laid out measures to reduce consumption, amplify renewable energy generation, and streamline control and management, laying emphasis on its paint shop operations.

The FLEX4FACT project, presented by Ragnhild Eleftheriadis and Chiara Caccamo from SINTEF, zeroes in on enhancing production flexibility, tapping into excess energy, and offering demand response services. Data’s pivotal role in FLEX4FACT was stressed, showcasing how it optimizes manufacturing processes and aids power grid operators.

While individual projects presented their unique approaches, a common theme was evident: the collective ambition to exploit energy flexibility’s potential in the industrial sector. The webinar not only provided a platform for sharing but also pinpointed areas for deeper cross-project exploration.

You can watch the webinar here:

Photo Credit: Waldemar

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