NEWSLETTER - 17 October 2023


Overview about the project's achievements, news and sister project updates

Dear readers,
The FLEXIndustries project is reaching its midpoint, with the consortium fully engaged in the achievement of project objectives: building on a holistic approach to design and deploy energy efficiency measures and process flexibility methods across several industrial sectors, ensuring these solutions connect seamlessly with electrical and heating networks.

On July 5th and 6th, partners of FLEXIndustries reconvened in Istanbul to reflect on the project’s first year. The inaugural day centered around updates and technical challenges, as attendees deliberated on any challenges encountered, progress made, and outcomes achieved. This session also enabled partners to collaborate with demo representatives, strategizing on optimal methods and goals for testing procedures. Day two featured a tour of Ford Otosan‘s manufacturing facility in Kocaeli – Ford Europe’s paramount commercial vehicle production hub. Projected to boast capacities of 721,700 vehicles, 436,500 engines, and 140,000 powertrains by 2022, this facility will see FLEXIndustries’ demonstration initiative spotlighting the energy-intensive paintshop, electric vehicle charging processes, and the incorporation of PV and battery energy storage systems.

Following the FLEXINDUSTRIES General Assembly in Istanbul, ICONS spearheaded an in-depth workshop focused on the project’s exploitation strategy. The session delved into approaches like TRL Upscaling, further scientific exploration, and the potential of groundbreaking research within the energy-intensive industry. Intellectual Property discussions attracted significant participation due to the project’s expansive outcomes. The workshop also highlighted anticipated results such as the inception of novel technologies, advanced methodologies, and services designed to propel the industry forward, emphasizing both application and knowledge advancement.

Bruno Marcos Sodiro, the FLEXINDUSTRIES project coordinator from RINA, speaks:

“We have successfully completed the conceptual design phase, which now serves as the solid foundation for our next steps, encompassing design, dimensioning, and analytical process simulation. Specifically, we have ambitious plans for the installation of a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies at our 7 demonstration sites, including photovoltaic panels, battery storage systems, thermal energy storage units, ORC modules, solar thermal collectors, heat pumps, and thermoelectric panels. These innovations, coupled with digital tools, dynamic business and market models, will be instrumental in optimizing plant operations and enhancing their flexibility.
Furthermore, it gives me great pleasure to announce that our project was recently featured at the Processes4Planet projects forum during a prestigious conference. We had the privilege of showcasing our endeavors alongside other visionary projects, emphasizing our commitment to driving sustainability and innovation in the industrial sector.”

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