NEWS - 04 April 2023

FLEXIndustries partner STAM participated at K.EY, the Energy Transition Expo

The first edition of the Energy Transition Expo was held in Rimini from 22 to 24 March 2023

K.EY is the complete showcase of technology, integrated solutions and services able to guide the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, as well as a cultural, scientific and technical reference hub and community catalyst able to connect and make stakeholders, players and protagonists of the renewable energy world communicate with each other: not only a business platform, but also an opportunity for education and information on the subject of energy and the acceleration of the energy transition process already underway.

The K.EY event was an opportunity for FLEXIndustries partner STAM to communicate and disseminate some of the project’s key messages and its recent updates.

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