PRESS RELEASE - 19 September 2022

Innovative flexibility solutions for energy intensive industries A new project helps them go green

The EU funded FLEXIndustries project seeks to develop and test the most suitable Energy Efficiency Measures and Process Flexibility Methods for Energy Intensive Industries' environments and their interconnections with the electrical & heating networks.

The transition to climate-neutrality, which the EU is aiming to achieve by 2050, will require transformational efforts in all sectors of the economy. The industrial sector alone accounts for 27% of the total final energy consumption in the EU countries and constitutes one of the key players in the game-changing scenario proposed by the European Green Deal.

Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) in particular, make up more than half of the energy consumption of the EU industry: they represent the foundation of critical and strategic value chains that produce goods that can help reducing emissions in other sectors of the economy.

In such a context, the challenge is to lower emissions while keeping industry competitive and positioning it to exploit the huge potential global market for low-emission technologies and services.

To support EIIs in this endeavour, the FLEXIndustries project seeks to develop and test the most suitable Energy Efficiency Measures and Process Flexibility Methods for EII environments and their interconnections with the electrical & heating networks.

FLEXIndustries will adopt a holistic approach to industry, covering various levels – devices, processes, and value chains. It looks at these on different scales – operating, tactical and strategic. More specifically the project support industries in redesigning and optimising their production processes and rethinking their interaction with the energy system. This should lead toward a vast integration of renewable energy sources (RES) and the improvement of their environmental footprint

In parallel, the adoption of digital technologies will help EIIs to become more efficient in data management and to optimise their industrial processes from different perspectives such as efficiency, uptime, quality, speed, flexibility, costs, etc. To achieve this goal a Dynamic Energy & Process Management Platform will be developed within the project to enable industries to better use energy storage and conversion assets. It will also provide for new market designs for enhanced Industrial Energy Flexibility.

FLEXIndustries energy efficiency measures and process flexibility methods will be tested and validated in real life conditions. Demo cases in even industrial sectors (automotive, biofuels, polymers, steel, pulp & paper, pharmaceuticals, cement) in 6 countries will be involved to demonstrate: a) energy efficiency and operational flexibility along with process redesign/modification; b) how to increase level of electrification, digitalization and automation; c) how to enhance user satisfaction and grid flexibility services and d) how to decrease the environmental footprint.

FLEXIndustries is an ambitious innovation action and we have gathered a highly competent team of 16 Large Enterprises, 6 Research Institutes, 9 SMEs, 2 Universities, and 3 Non-profit Organizations of from 9 countries. In these 4 years to come we will seek to develop a flexibility assessment methodology improving connectivity between the operational and strategic fields as promoting sector coupling and valorisation of excess streams within industrial environments.” (RINA Consulting, Project Coordinator, June 2022).

 About FLEXIndustries

Grant agreement number: 101069702
Title: Digitally-enabled FLEXible Industries for reliable energy grids under high penetration of Variable Renewable Energy Sources (VRES)
Duration: 48 months (June 2022 – June 2026)
Project Coordinator: RINA CONSULTING SPA (Italy)
Consortium: 35 partners from 9 countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland).




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