VIDEO - 08 November 2023


A video interviews series to present the 7 FLEXIndustries pilots

For the second episode of the “INTERVIEWS WITH THE PILOTS” series, it is time to present an other FLEXINDUSTRIES pilot case: Ford Otosan. This is one of the top three exporting companies in Turkey, with its mission to provide innovative automotive product and services¬† beneficial to the community.

“The main energy problem in our daily processes is that our plants consume a large amount of electricity and natural gas” says Mehmet Alper Sahin, an AI/ML developer from the Ford Otosan R&D Center. He continues “To address this energy challenge head-on, the company has chosen to participate in the FLEXIndustries project, seeking innovative solutions to optimize energy consumption and increase the green energy capacity in Ford Otosan facilities.”

You can watch the whole interview on our YouTube Channel.

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