NEWS - 14 September 2023

Processes4Planet Projects Forum 2023: Advancing Sustainability through Collaboration

FLEXIndustries as a pioneering presence at the Processes4Planet Projects Forum 2023

The Processes4Planet (P4P) Projects Forum is slated to convene on the 20th of September 2023 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Brussels. This gathering welcomes all interested parties, from ASPIRE members to institutional stakeholders from European and Member States Institutions.

The goal of this assembly is to spotlight the ground-breaking Processes4Planet projects, with a whopping 27 projects having been introduced during 2021-2022, including FLEXIndustries. It offers a rare opportunity for industry stakeholders, project teams, and consortia members to exchange ideas, creating or fortifying synergies between projects. The event will chiefly contribute to P4P’s three core aspirations: circularity, neutrality, and competitiveness.

In addition, the panel sessions will serve as a pivotal juncture for industry, research, and policy stakeholders. Spearheaded by experts in the respective themes, the panels will be centered on the contributions of Processes4Planet and SPIRE projects. Attendees can anticipate presentations from project representatives, followed by a constructive discussion and a Q&A segment. Notably, each panel will feature insights from at least one SPIRE project, providing attendees with deep dives into innovation pathways. The FLEXIndustries project will be represented by Simona Pace, from RINA, who will be join the discussions for “Electrification and Energy Efficiency”.

You can find more information on the event and the possibility to partecipate at this link.

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